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What is SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase)
Written by Young Again Products Staff


The Most Promising of All Antioxidants, SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE is the Key to Reversing the Aging Process and to Restoring or Preventing the Loss of Hair in Men and Women.

Superoxide Dismutase enzyme is used to reduce wrinkles, reduce scar tissue, heal wounds, lighten dark or  hyperpigmentation

SOD1 is a gene found in human cells that produces superoxide dismutase (SOD), an extremely potent antioxidant enzyme that fights cellular damage from reactive singlet oxygen molecules, also known as free radicals. Research suggests that SOD may be the most important enzyme in our body for the control of free radicals, keeping our cell membranes young, supple, and healthy.

When administered therapeutically, SOD has been shown to exert strong regenerative effects on tissues that have become hardened or fibrotic because of age, disease, or injury (Lefaix, 1993). SOD therapy has been used successfully to treat fibrotic scaring of organs after radiation therapy; to prevent further heart damage in cardiac patients; and to improve severe rheumatoid arthritis. But, from recent research reported in the journal Nature Genetics, and discussed in a USA Today Article, it appears that SOD's most beneficial application may be in the anti-aging arena.

SOD may in fact be most powerful life-extending discovery of our time. When human SOD-producing SOD1 genes were inserted into the motor neuron cells of fruit flies, the extra gene encouraged fruit flies to make more than typical amounts of the antioxidant enzyme SOD. Fruit flies make SOD of their own, but when the human gene caused fruit flies to produce even more SOD, they lived 40% longer. (Orr, 1994)

SOD has been available for just a few short years as an oral nutritional supplement. But, oral SOD may not be as effective as other forms of SOD. Sheldon S. Hendler, M.D. points out in his well regarded book The Doctor's Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia (Simon & Schuster, 1990), SOD may be a candidate for tomorrow's anti-aging miracle, but what's being sold in vitamin stores is not. The SOD molecule can not be absorbed nto the human body throught he digestive system. At best, only a minute amount of any supplement could pass through into the system.

Young Again Products has compounded its proprietary SOD Topical Cream and SOD Topical Lotion, using the world's finest pharmaceutical grade SOD and other high purity ingredients. Topical forms of medications, such as progesterone, are rubed onto the scalp and body so that the body absorbs it without passing through the digestive system and being eliminated by the liver. The SOD enters the skin and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Our organic chemists believe topical SOD to be the best commercial form of SOD available.

Young Again is pioneering research applications of SOD and offers 2 forms of SOD supplementation. The first is an SOD Cream that can be used topically. The second is an SOD Lotion that has been formulated to be applied to the scalp as a means of preventing and restoring hair loss.